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Ghosts in the Graveyard

Not my typical blog post, but since it's Halloween I thought I would share a real-life "ghost" story with you.
Ghostly images adams street cemetery

I took these photos at the Adams Street Cemetery in Berea, Ohio in October 1978 for a photography class. You can see the ghostly "images" in the photos. I was with a friend, and neither of us noticed anything, however, we both had the feeling we weren't alone. It was very creepy! So I snapped a couple of shots and then we headed out of there as quickly as possible!

The next week when I processed the film in class (no digital photos back then!), the ghostly images appeared around the graves when the photos were printed.

Ghostly image over gravestones
Ghostly image next to grave stone

We went back to the cemetery to learn more about who was buried there. Since that time there was a fence added to the cemetery. Sadly the graves have suffered from vandalism.

Adams Street Cemetery Berea Ohio

The first set of graves is the Hulet family: Jonathan, his wife Mary, and son Wesley.

Original ghost photo next to gravestones

Hulet family grave stone

The second grave was more difficult to find as it was broke in half, but my husband located it. It is the gravestone for Louise Behnke.

Inspecting the shape of the gravestone

Original photo next to Behnke grave

Gravestone for Louise Behnke

I don't have an explanation for the ghostly images. They only appeared on the cemetery photos and the other photos developed on the same roll were just fine. There might be a logical explanation, but I prefer to think of them as ghosts. Hopefully friendly ghosts! Have a safe and happy Halloween.


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