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Blog Post #314: Behind the Scenes

Painting furniture for a living is more than simply painting furniture. After the painting is done it's time to take it to market and sell it. Today's blog post is a combination behind-the-scenes of the logistics of photographing furniture for marketing, and at the end of the post a quick peek at my booth space while it's waiting for me to move in some larger pieces.

My studio space for furniture photography is small. Trying to squeeze in a dining table and four chairs, as shown in the lead photo, is a challenge. The room itself is ample, but my husband is currently using half of it for his office. This is the best shot I could get of the table without moving everything else out of the room.

The problem with the photograph is the bookcase on the left, the floor vent, and the tiny portion of my secretary desk showing in the bottom right corner. I could have moved the bookcase, but I just didn't have the energy to move it myself. I am also limited in how far I can step …


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