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Blog Post #320: Baby Boy Boho Blanket

This color scheme might not be what you would first expect for a typical baby blanket. But as I worked on the Boho Blanket that I made for myself ( you can see the Boho Blanket project HERE ), I thought about how the bright cheerful colors and textures would be perfect for a baby. First I planned a general color scheme and then ordered the yarn online.  Below is a screen shot of my initial color planning process. Usually ordering online works out OK; however, sometimes the actual product is a bit of a surprise as the colors I see on the screen aren't always the exact shade or tone of the real-life product. That isn't the fault of the retailer, it's just a fact of screen variations. For instance, the tone of the orange I selected was more intense than what I was expecting. I knew it would overwhelm the color scheme, so I used less of the orange than I first planned, and tried to balance it out over the design of the blanket. I will use the remainder of


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