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Freestyle Crochet Colorway

This crochet blanket was SO MUCH FUN! I fell in love with the pattern and played with color variations within each of the squares. The pattern is available for FREE on Ravelry, The Jackfield Tile Square , by Christine Bateman. There is also a free pattern for a Jackfield Tile tote bag ! COMBINING A VARIETY OF YARN COLORS The pattern is well written and according to the designer it is "suitable for intermediate crocheters or confident beginners". Once I got through one square, all the rest of the squares went smoothly. I made a total of 12 squares for this project. But fair warning there are lots of ends to weave in! I know many people dread sewing in the ends, but I must admit I sort of enjoy the challenge of hiding the yarn ends. I used the wet blocking method by soaking each of the squares in a small tub of water mixed with a gentle  lavender-scented LANOLIN . I simply squeezed out as much excess water as possible and then rolled up the square in a clean bath towel to absor

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