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Thrifty Makeover: Demilune Hall Table

Today's project is a modern-day demilune (or half moon) table. I will give a brief review of repairs and the painting process followed by an alternative to wax to seal the paint.

What you can't see in the photo is how wobbly the table is. So the first step (after cleaning) is to stabilize the table. This can sometimes be challenging with vintage or antique furniture, but usually the modern-day pieces are easier to deconstruct. I was able to very easily unscrew the bottom portion with the legs.

The legs slid out easily from the grooves of the base.

I applied a generous amount of wood glue to the grooves. I wasn't able to clamp the legs, so I re-assembled the base to the pedestal and then turned it right side up and let gravity do the work.

After the wood glue was dry I applied the first coat of paint.

I chose Chateau Grey for my base coat.

The table looked great with the Chateau Grey, but I wanted something a little lighter for Spring. So I chose Versailles for the second …

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