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Honey, This is So Cute! Tutorial for Stenciling a Sign

I am having fun as I continue to work my way through some scrap wood that was in my garage. This piece was a remnant from a dresser drawer bottom. I've included a supply list for your convenience at the end of this post.
The sign won't be framed, so I decided to give it a border. First I roughly painted a border in black.

 After it was dry I taped it off with painters tape.

Then I filled in the center area with my base color in white.

My sign will have a "honey" theme (hence the title of this post), so to add a little dimension with a honeycomb effect, I brushed some paint on a piece of bubble wrap.

Then I pressed the bubble wrapped onto the board.

Next I pounced black paint over a beehive stencil to create a shadow effect.

Here's how it looks after the black was applied:

Then I slightly shifted my stencil up and over.

I used yellow and brown to begin building my color for the beehive.

I pounced the paint on randomly.

You can see here how it is starting to take sh…

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