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Well this is awkward because it seems obvious to me, but apparently there's some new legislation in Europe that requires me to tell you this: If you choose to subscribe and enter your email address, it will be used to send you an email about new blog posts. Because you voluntarily provided your email address, it will be assumed that you have given your consent to receive an email.

Your email address is used only to communicate about blog activity. I don't sell email addresses or personally collect any other personal data. Period.

To summarize, if you subscribe to this blog (it's free by the way) you will need to provide your email address. Next is a verification process: you will receive an email asking you to verify that you actually subscribed. Once you confirm that you really and truly subscribed, you will receive an email alert whenever there is a new blog post. How many emails can you expect to receive? I wish I could say I post according to a schedule, but that's just not the case. You might receive a couple of emails in a week, or it might be quiet here on the blog for a few weeks at a time.

If you leave a comment on the blog then other readers might see it. However, if you're shy you have the option to post anonymously.

If you want to break up with me then you can unsubscribe at any time. I will be crushed, but I totally understand. Rest assured that I will get over it and move on, so please don't worry. Currently my blog is about painting furniture and craft projects. If I ever get my house cleaned and organized, learn a fascinating new skill, or figure out the meaning of life, then it might evolve into other topics. You probably won't want to miss that (heck I don't want to miss it) so think carefully before unsubscribing.

If you can't figure out how to unsubscribe (hey I get it; I'm not a tech person either, so I won't judge), you can contact me directly by email at and I will remove your email address from the list. Alternatively, you can also message me via my Facebook page at The Black Sheep Shoppe.

My blog was created to share projects and tutorials. There is a "For Sale" page on the blog for anyone that wants to see my current inventory. But I currently don't sell anything directly on the blog and won't ask you for payment information such as your credit card or bank account. However, there are some affiliate links and advertising on the blog which helps support the cost associated with running this platform. If you're new to either planet Earth or the World Wide Web and don't know what this means then keep reading.

Affiliate Links might be found throughout the blog in which case it will be clearly identified as such. Clicking on affiliate links will not cost you any money; however, if you click on a link and make a purchase I might receive a small commission which will help support this blog.

Google AdSense ads may also be found on this blog. Google AdSense is an advertising service provided by Google. These are ads that you find on many websites and blogs and are chosen based on your internet browsing history. For instance, because I visit websites related to genealogy and home decorating, if I visit The Black Sheep Shoppe blog I might see certain ads related to those interests, whereas you will see different ads related to your interests based on your activity. That's MY basic understanding of how it works, but Google explains it much better than I can, so I've included links below so you can learn more about it:  

Sponsored Ads from a specific company will be identified as such.

If you have questions or concerns then please feel free to contact me directly at


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