DIY Pinecone Christmas Trees

It's easy to make these pine cone trees.

I make a few of these pine cone Christmas trees each year to sell and also to use as holiday decor in my own home. I love the simple rustic style. My project was inspired by another project that I found on Hometalk.  Be sure to check out the original project because she created a beautiful variety of trees that are sure to inspire you!

Supply list: 

Most of the items you can find at your local craft store, but I'll include links to online resources (affiliate links) for your convenience.


Remove the pine cone scales using a pair of pliers. Some parts of the pine cone are a little bit sharp, so I find it's easiest to wear a pair of gloves during this stage.

Scales removed from large pinecone

Gather the scales within easy reach of your hot glue gun.

Pinecone scales next to paper mache tree form

Affix the pine cone scales with the hot glue around the base of the tree form.

Affix the first row of pine scales to the tree base

Continue attaching the scales in rows.

Alternate the rows of pine cone scales

Overlap the pine cones to cover bare spots from the previous row.

Overlapped pine cone scales

I like to keep my trees rustic, but a little bling never hurts either. So feel free to be creative and use embellishments such as fake snow, glitter, beads, etc. to decorate your trees.

Handcrafted pine cone Christmas trees

How to make pinecone Christmas trees
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  1. I will be going out tomorrow to buy the supplies to make this fabulous pine cone tree. You nailed this!

    1. Thanks so much Ivory Jean! Let me know how your tree turns out.

  2. I have piles of pine cones in my back yard and after seeing this, the squirrels are just going to have to share. My Christmas mantel needs some of these this year!

    1. You're lucky if you have lots of pine cones available for free! Enjoy being crafty!


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