Très Chic Lingerie Chest

I just couldn't bring myself to name this lingerie chest "shabby", so instead of "shabby chic" I've decided on "très chic"! The chest has undergone a couple of transformations over the years, and I'm pleased with the latest result. The photos in this case don't do it justice. It's currently sitting in my living room which sort of clashes with the chest's color scheme. If I have time I will take new/better photos prior to taking it to the booth.


Let me tell you a little bit of the history of the piece. I purchased it second hand over 10 years ago for one of my daughters. We had just bought our new house and the closet in my daughter's room was supposed to be a larger walk-in closet, but due to some design changes during construction, it ended up as a long and rather narrow walk-in closet. We installed some shelving units but she still needed some drawer space in the closet. 

This is the "original-original" finish from 10+ years ago.

Second finish.
We were tight on cash after buying a new home, and the price of new furniture gave me sticker shock (still does). I found this dresser in a second hand shop, and it was perfect for the space. Not to mention it was a fraction of the cost of buying new! But I wanted something with a fresh new look, so I decided to spray paint the entire chest white. This was in my early days of furniture refinishing and I was pleased with the outcome especially because there were no run marks from the spray paint! Other than a few spots, it's held up decently over the years. My daughter no longer has a need for the chest in her new space, so she recently gave it back to me. Yes! Thanks Jessica :-)

Some of the spray paint wore off the handles.


The lingerie chest has an elegant shape with serpentine legs. It looks fine white, but I wanted to add some color to it. I chose to keep white as the base color with gray and pink for accents. I sanded the entire piece to a very smooth finish. Overall I was pleased with the new color scheme, but I thought it looked too sweet and would only work in a nursery. So I continued distressing the chest and gave it a slightly aged patina. I think it would still work well in a nursery, but would now also coordinate well for a teen and even into adulthood. 

The base color is Pure White with
accents of Antoinette Pink and Paris Gray.
The color is a bit washed out in the photo,
but the handles are painted Paris Gray
with Pure White peeking through.
White is added to the bottom to balance the color.
Sexy legs.
Ooh la la!
One more shot.
The chest has 6 drawers. The bottom 3 drawers are slightly
deeper than the top three.
View of top.
I asked my husband what he thought of the new finish and he said, "It looks better than it did before." Really? That was the best he could come up with? Apparently the color scheme didn't make his heart sing like it did mine. So I probed further and asked, "If you were a woman would you like it?" And he replied, "Yes, if I were a woman I would be all over it. It will probably sell."  Ha ha, let's hope so! I need to get new drawer liners for it and then I will take it to the booth.


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