Furniture on Display

Until now I haven't added a photo to "The Shoppe" page on this blog. It's been on my to-do list, but I just haven't found the right photo. However, I think I found the "right" photo! I went to Peddler's Mall the other day to drop off some furniture that I recently finished. The cashier's station is located at the front as you enter the store and it includes a vignette of products gathered and displayed by the employees from different booths throughout the Mall. Imagine my surprise when I saw two of my pieces in the vignette! I went back yesterday with my camera to take a couple of shots.

I have to admit the desk and side table look better as arranged by the ladies at Peddler's Mall compared to the set up in my booth. I am expert at painting furniture but need to work on displaying items. I am a work in progress and learning as I go! Nevertheless, I wanted to share the photo with you.

My desk! My side table!

I haven't quite figured out why some items sell fast and others linger. For instance, I was surprised that the two-toned side table hasn't sold yet. It is such an elegant table and would work well as a bedside table, or really anywhere you need a table. Is it overpriced? I don't think so as I am only asking $45 for it. I've sold other tables for more, so I guess it just needs to wait for the right buyer. Now I'm not surprised the desk hasn't sold. Why? Because I put a ridiculously high price on it. Why? Because I want to keep it for myself! But my husband saw the price tag while we were delivering furniture and thinks I'm crazy, so now I might have to mark it down to sell. Actually, as I look at the photo I am falling in love again with the side table. Maybe I'll run back up there and mark the price up, ha ha. Such is the life of selling furniture. . .


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