I Rocked This One!

Custom work for a client can be nerve racking -- will they or won't they like the finished product? This rocking chair was custom finished for a VERY special client, so I am on-edge waiting to see if she will like it!  

A little history of how this project evolved . . . previously my mother found a fabulous rocking chair that I refinished. My daughter Sarah REALLY wanted the chair, but I needed to put it up for sale. I considered giving it to her instead, but she just refinished her living room and I didn't think the color of my painted chair would work with her new living room. I found a similar chair which I showed her, but she said it didn't "fit" her the same as the original. So then I found another rocking chair which to me felt the same as the original. Sarah wasn't with me when I found this chair, but I was confident enough, so I went ahead and bought it with the intention of surprising her for her birthday.

Before. Was $35, but I got it for 50% off!
I threw the surprise factor out the door because I didn't want to surprise her with a rocking chair that (a) might not "fit", and/or (b) a color scheme she doesn't like. So she stopped by to give the chair a test drive and it was approved! Next I took her to Winsome Cottage in nearby Waynesville, Ohio to select a paint color. I had already decided that Aubusson would look fabulous. It is a deep grey blue, but I wanted Sarah to have the final say. Hopefully, I didn't influence her choice too much! In any event, Winsome Cottage had a piece of furniture on display that was painted in Aubusson Blue, so she got to see it in its full glory in the shop. She chose Aubusson Blue as the color and requested Graphite for the seat of the chair.

Aubusson Blue: a deep grey blue color.

Did I go overboard?
Before: Light gouges on the seat.
Otherwise structurally sound.
The photos on this post were taken in my living room. But the room this is earmarked for has light grey walls, dark wood floors and a stone fireplace with light grey and natural tones. The overall look is fresh and modern, but the fireplace has a hint of rustic. Just a hint -- so I wanted to keep the distressing on the rocking chair to a minimum. All went according to plan, except whenever I looked at the black seat it looked like a chalkboard to me. In the end I threw my best intentions out the door and did some heavier distressing on the seat. I focused the distressing on the curve of the seat and also in the center where there were some light gouges in the wood.
 I think the gouges were from the previous owner's pet -- possibly scratches from nails. I did sand the gouges so the finish is actually very smooth. There are also some little teeth marks on one of the rockers which I think is charming.

So I may have over did it on the distressing, but the more I look at it I think it works. Sarah will stop by this weekend to see it and I'm worried whether she will like it or not. My son said if she doesn't like it she can get a cushion for it. Smart kid.

Light distressing on the edges of the blue areas.
The final finish is oh so smooth.
This blue pairs well with yellows and neutrals.
Little teeth marks on the edge of the rocker. Not my teeth marks!
Probably from the previous owner's puppy.


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