Bathroom Cabinet

Whenever I go on shopping expeditions I take with me a mental list of items that clients are looking for. Sometimes I strike it rich right away, and other times it takes longer. Although it can take longer than I would like, eventually I seem to find the perfect piece. Patience and persistence is the name of the game. Such was the case with a client that has a small bathroom with no storage. That was not a typo; let me repeat: No! Storage!

She was in the market for an upper cabinet to hang on her bathroom wall, and as soon as I saw this cabinet I knew it was a winner. Well I hoped it was a winner. It was marked $15 but it was 50% off, so it was a bargain at $7.50 for sure. At that price I went ahead and bought it on the spot. I wasn't too worried that it might not meet my client's needs, because I have 3 or 4 spots in my own house that I could use the cabinet.


Overall the cabinet was in great shape. It was a little dirty but nothing too gross. It was previously painted in an oil based glossy white and included brass hardware. The look wasn’t horrible, but the paint was thick and I felt it could be improved.

Solid and functional but needs some cleaning.


I gave the entire piece a rough sanding and then painted both the interior and exterior in two coats of Old White. I sanded between coats with very light distressing around the edges followed by an application of soft wax. The doors received two coats of wax for added durability. The hardware was removed and painted in a bronze finish. This will give my client plenty of room for storage in her bathroom.

Light distressing on the edges.
"New" bronze DIY hardware.

I wanted to mount the cabinet on the wall for a photo shoot.
But that wasn't too practical, so you'll need to visualize.

I have some cabinetry knobs in my house that we purchased from Restoration Hardware that have a similar look to the finished knobs on this project.  I don’t remember specifically what we paid for each knob, but it was about $10 each (crazy I know, but they are very lovely and we used some gift cards).  Let me do the math for you – just one knob from Restoration Hardware cost more than the initial purchase price of the cabinet! I estimate that I used about $10-$15 in supplies*, so for about $20 - $25 total the cabinet was transformed into a traditionally elegant cabinet. I checked Home Depot’s website and they have cabinetry of comparable quality in the $150 - $180 price range.

*I used paint I already had on hand for this project. The majority of the cost was ASCP Old White which runs about $38 a quart plus tax; however, a little bit goes a long way. I used about 1/4 of the can for this project, maybe a little less. My supplies also included soft wax, sandpaper, and bronze spray paint.

My client was able to stop by this afternoon and she said she loves the cabinet! The client in this case was one of my daughters, so she gets the cabinet for free! You're welcome. Love, Mom

Now if I could only find about 4 more of these. . .

Disclaimer: The towel was rolled for the photo shoot.
I never do that in real life, ha ha!


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