Coffee Table

This solid wood coffee table has a small footprint (31" long x 24" wide x 16.25" high) which makes it perfect for a smaller living area. But what I love about it the most is both ends swing up to extend the length up to 45".

Before: Yes it was fine the way it was,
but I like to paint furniture :-)
It had an oak finish originally and although the finish was in good condition, I thought it was somewhat plain. I didn't want to do anything too fancy, so I painted it black and sanded it back so the shadows of the wood grain peek through.

Notice the remnant snow pile in the photo.
It has melted now, but more snow is in the forecast.

Light distressing on the edges.

A piece of wood underneath each side slides in and out
to raise or lower the extensions.

Extends up to 45". Plenty of room for drinks and snacks
when you have company for the Big Game on Sunday.


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