Shabby Chic Bedside Table

I recently found this darling little table sitting broken and forlorn in a thrift shop. Other shoppers passed it by but my heart did a little pitter-patter when I saw it! At first I thought it was chair, but it sits rather low, so I decided it was a table. It might actually be a chair, but even after repairs it is somewhat delicate, and I won't be the volunteer to sit on it! So a table it is.


The wooden top was cracked from one side to the other. And there was a piece of veneer broken off in the back. There were also a lot of tiny scratches throughout although the photos didn't pick that up. The cracked wood was repaired with gorilla glue and then clamped. I considered wood filler on the veneer, but I had decided to go with a shabby finish, so I opted instead to sand the broken edges smooth. 


Cracked wood.

Broken veneer.


I applied a light coat of Antoinette Pink to the entire piece and then applied a coat of Old White over top. I sanded the piece in some areas just enough for subtle areas of the pink to show through. The photos don't really pick up the pink areas, so you'll have to take my word for it. I sanded the piece more vigorously in other areas to expose the wood. Soft wax was applied for durability and then I gave it a heavily aged patina. Although it has an aged and worn look, the finish itself is as smooth as glass making for a pleasing contrast. I think it will make a charming bedside table or it could be used as a plant stand.

Dimensions: square top 13" x 13". The tabletop stands 17" high, but the overall height with the back piece is 25" high.

Shabby Chic Table.

Close up of distressed finish.

Raised back.

View of back.

Close up of area with sanded veneer. No more sharp edges.
Instead it looks like it was worn over the years

Available for Sale

I will take this to the booth this afternoon and place it up for sale. But if by chance it doesn't sell then I think it will work quite well in my guest room. I always have a Plan B in case something doesn't sell!


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