Vintage Shoe Shine Box

Shoe on top of vintage shoe shine box.

Do you know that look when someone bites into a lemon? Well that was my husband's expression when he saw the color I chose for this project. He made it pretty clear he wasn't a fan, but I love it! Hopefully I will find another like-minded person that loves it enough to buy it!

Handmade vintage shoe shine box.

This vintage shoe shine box was constructed by hand. Mostly likely in the early part of the 1900s. I can just picture an enterprising young man building it in his garage, loading up his shoe shine supplies, and then going out to make some money. I hope he made a ton of money and had a happy life.

Interior of vintage shoe shine box.

Originally it had a stained wood finish, but it was painted black at some point.

Bottom of shoe shine box.

It was a little dirty. OK it was very dirty, but that was an easy fix.

It picked up a little dirt over the years.


I painted the exterior of the box Antibes Green and the interior Old Ochre.

Vintage shoe shine box painted in Antibes Green.

I think the color compliments the vintage style.

Antibes Green is a great color choice for vintage furniture.

Vintage shoe shine box painted with Chalk Paint.

Chalkboard and shoe shine box.

I distressed the green paint to allow a little of the black paint to show through.

I distressed the Chalk Paint to reveal bits of the old black finish.

One half of the top opens up to reveal storage . . .

Top of shoe shine box opened.

. . . and a spot to rest a shoe for a shoe shine. Maybe shoe shine boxes have gone out of fashion, but this one will work well in a mudroom which can be pulled out as needed to use as a step stool. I think it will also work well to store gardening tools and use as a comfy spot to sit while working in the garden.

Ladies black shoe on top of shoe shine box.

Here's the little guy inside my booth.

The Black Sheep Shoppe booth 139 at the Ohio Lebanon Peddlers Mall


  1. What an interesting piece, Patricia! If this box could talk I'm sure it would have all kinds of interesting stories. It would look great in a farmhouse entry, mudroom, or a foot stool.

    1. Thanks Marie. I agree that it could have a variety of uses!

  2. Hey Patricia ,
    Been a while since I stopped by.
    The Shoe Shine Box turned out great ! Pops with the Green and the inside when opened adds another element of eye candy to your upcycle. Sweet...
    Also looks great in your display of things to sell as well.
    I hope this summer brings good fortune for your shop , would love to see it in person.
    Pit it. To my Creative and Crafty friends.
    Nice share, take care,
    PS ...Please share on Discover Repurposing Here:

    1. Thanks Greg! I pinned it to My Creative and Crafty Friends and sent a request to join your G+ community. Looks like a great group with lots of projects.


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