Easy Peasy Bookcase Makeover

Before thrift store find.

I had a few good sales in my booth recently and needed something quickly to fill the space. So I pulled out this bookcase from my stash. It was a $5 thrift store find -- score! It was a little plain, boring, and dusty, but otherwise it tip-top shape.

I imagined it working perfectly for a little girl's room, so I used Antoinette and Old White for my color scheme. It still seemed unfinished to me, so I bought a piece of bead-board wainscoting and attached it to the back of the cabinet.

As I mentioned it was a quick makeover, so I don't have photos of the process. I took a few "after" photos before running it up to the booth.

Thrift store bookcase transformed with chalk paint.

Painted in Antoinette and Old White Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan.

Paint and a piece of wainscoting transformed this thrift store find.

Antoinette and Old White.

Thanks for stopping by The Black Sheep Shoppe today! The supplies listed below are what I used for this project. Affiliate links follow. Will clicking on a link cost you extra money? Nope.

  • Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan (Antoinette & Old White)
  • Clear Wax by Annie Sloan (I used a wax brush to apply the wax which is totally worth the investment if you plan to paint a lot of projects. I used a lint free cloth to wipe off the excess wax for a beautiful finish. If you're only doing one project then you could use a lint free cloth to apply the wax, too.) 
  • Wooster Vintage Effects Paint Brush
  • Wainscoting (from Home Depot)
  • Hammer and nails
Furniture transformation with paint.


  1. A perfect example of how paint can completely transform a piece into like new condition! I suspect you'll be findng something else very quickly to fill that space again ;)


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