Vintage Cedar Chest Painted in Coco

Art deco cedar chest painted in Coco by The Black Sheep Shoppe

I finished the cedar chest, and everything went pretty much as planned. I initially planned to paint it white, but for a number of reasons decided on Coco instead. First, because I didn't have enough white to complete the project. Second, the paint store was closed. Third, I had plenty of Coco. Fourth, because I love Coco.

To refresh your memory, this is a photo of the original cedar chest. It was made by the Franklin Shockey Company in 1951.

Art Deco cedar chest made by the Franklin Shockey Company in 1951.

The finish had severe wear and needed attention.

Severe wear on finish of cedar chest.

If you're interested in learning more about the project planning phase, you can read about it on my previous blog post HERE. In a nut shell my punch list was as follows:
  • Clean, clean, clean. It's not apparent in the photos, but it's filthy both inside and out.
  • Sand top smooth
  • Stain top for base coat prior to painting
  • Replace fabric on shelf
  • Add screw to shelf
  • Figure out what to do with the hole in the front of the chest
After cleaning the chest I sanded the top to a smooth finish. If you're worried about the inlaid veneer, please don't, because it wasn't inlaid veneer. It was a factory faux finish.

Use an orbital sander to quickly fix a damaged finish.

My plan took a bit of a turn at this point, and I decided to sand off the entire chest.

Cedar Chest stripped down to bare wood.

I liked the natural wood, but the white cedar has a lot of knots in it, so I decided to see how it would look stained.

Applying stain to wood cedar chest.

It wasn't horrible, but it just didn't feel finished to me, so at this point I decided for sure to paint it.

Cedar chest stripped and re-stained.


Coco works so beautifully as a neutral color without being too boring. I didn't have much time to take photos as I needed to get this off to the booth, so I quickly through together a simple vignette for staging. Do you like the chalkboard? I made it! 

Cedar chest painted in Coco Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan.

A little bit of dark wax adds a bit more interest to the piece.

Dark wax over Coco adds a little drama.

I applied a thin coat of Coco and sanded it back smooth to reveal hinds of the wood grain. I also added the handles on the side.

Wood grain shows through the paint.

I covered the hole left behind from the old lock with a handmade applique. 

Handmade applique used to cover the gaping hole left behind by the old lock.

I lined the shelf with new map-themed paper.

A new map themed paper was used to replace the old shelf liner.

I hope you enjoyed today's project. Thank you so much for stopping by The Black Sheep Shoppe today.

Cedar chest from 1951 was given a makeover with Coco Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan.

Before and after photo of cedar chest.

Giving worn out furniture a second chance.


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