Rustic Table Gets a New Look with Duck Egg Blue and Coco

This table is ready for a makeover! 
I picked this table up from a local auction. Yes I do a happy dance whenever I win at auction! Of course there are many times I'm outbid, but you can't win them all. But I won this won so a happy dance ensued.


The table was made by Dutch Woodcraft Shops and was in good condition but the finish was in bad shape and needed a makeover. I liked the worn look on both the top and the bottom shelf. But the top also included some water rings and deep scratches that weren't adding to its look. Usually I could apply Restor-A-Finish to the scratches and even out the finish, but this table had a glossy smooth finish on it and wouldn't take the product.

I didn't really want to change the worn look to the bottom shelf as I liked how it had aged over the years. But I wasn't sure if I could incorporate it into my design.

The drawer front had a stenciled tulip design.

The inside drawer is marked "Dutch Woodcraft Shops", Zeeland, Michigan. Based on a Google search it appears the company was originally known as the Zeeland Furniture Company and changed its name to Dutch Woodcraft Shops in 1927 under the new ownership of John Vanderveen. I found a reference to a bankruptcy filing in 1940 and then the company was acquired by Charles Sligh and O.W, Lowry. The name was changed at this time to The Sligh-Lowry Furniture Company. So based on this information the table appears to be from the period of 1927 - 1940 and more probably towards the later date.

I used my orbital sander to sand off the finish on the top. I left some residual finish in areas that didn't have deep scratches. Usually I stain the top first to see how it takes the stain and then decide on a color scheme that will compliment the finish. But in this case I decided to paint first and then decide on a stain afterwards.


I chose a color scheme of Duck Egg Blue for the base and Coco for the drawer and bottom shelf. I sealed the painted finish with clear wax and then added some black wax here and there to age it slightly.

I liked how the natural wood top looked with the color scheme, so I decided to leave it as-is except to add a clear top coat.

 I love how the blue coordinates with the Coco and natural wood finish.

I applied a wash of Coco to the bottom shelf and let some of the old finish peek through.

I didn't do anything to the original knobs. I thought the original finish added a good contrast with the new color scheme.

 Thanks for stopping by!


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