Mirror Painted with Chalk Paint and Petroleum Jelly

I tried a new-to-me technique using petroleum jelly when I painted this mirror. When trying something new I like to experiment with smaller projects to get the hang of it before attempting on a larger piece. And this mirror was the perfect project to try it on.

Before & During

It is an oval mirror in a rectangular frame with lovely details.

First I painted the raised details in Graphite.

After the paint was dry I rubbed the areas with petroleum jelly.

Next I painted the entire frame in Old White. The chalk paint covered the areas with petroleum jelly but it should make it easier to reveal the darker paint later.

Once the white paint was dry I rubbed it off from the raised areas with a damp washcloth to reveal the darker paint below.


The details now have more visual depth and interest.

It was an easy technique to use and I plan to use it again on future projects. An alternative would be to dry brush the raised details instead, but because of the nooks and crannies in a relatively tight space, the jelly was a good alternative. This technique can also be used as an alternative to sanding which is great to use especially indoors because there is no sanding dust.


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