This One is for the Birds!

This is a lovely birdbath that was generously given to me. My sister and brother-in-law inherited the birdbath when they purchased their house then gave it to my Aunt. My Aunt no longer needed it and wondered if I might want it. Uh, yes, of course I wanted it! Thanks guys!



It is made of concrete and is heavier than it looks. It has a surface crack that circles the pedestal, but I think it adds to the charm, so I decided to leave it as-is rather than patching it as it doesn't impact the stability of the piece. It was painted at one point with what appears to be a latex paint which was peeling heavily. I removed the loose paint and then applied a fresh coat of chalk paint.


The base is painted in Versailles and I used Chateau Grey sparingly as a highlight and to give it subtle dimension. I decided on a blue theme (of course!) for the bathing area, and used Louis Blue which I then deepened with a light layer of Napoleonic Blue. It was a little too "new" looking, so I sanded with coarse sandpaper to allow some of the previous patina to show through.


Blue bathing area!
Close up of surface crack

One more shot. I think it is charming. I hope the birds like it! 

I was trying to come up with a price and asked my husband for his opinion. He said he thought we were going to keep this one for ourselves. Needless to say he didn't need to twist my arm to get my agreement. :-)

I'm trying to rebuild my inventory, and I've finished quite a few projects recently. But haven't had time to post, so I'll try to get as many posted without bombarding you with information.


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