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Pink and White Chest of Drawers

Antoinette Pink and Old White pair beautifully together.

The hardware that was on this dresser had an old patina. You know that rusty old patina that is so popular now? Well this isn't what it had. It was gross really. But luckily that's an easy fix.

Old chest of drawers.

Let's take a closer look at the patina:

This isn't the kind of patina you want. But luckily it's an easy fix.

One option is to simply replace the drawer pulls. But that can get pricey on a dresser this size. I planned to paint the pulls, but I didn't want to paint over the old crusty stuff. So I decided to first give it a try to fix what I had. I put the hardware in an old bucket, filled it up with vinegar, and let it soak overnight.

Clean up old hardware with vinegar.

The next morning I scrubbed the pulls with an old toothbrush.

Working a little magic with vinegar.

Much better!

Results after soaking in vinegar.

Chest of drawers painted in Antoinette Pink and Old White.

Antoinette and Old White chalk paint.

Drawer pull after cleaning with vinegar and applying paint.


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