Vintage Occasional Table

After a lot of blood, sweat, and tears the table is finally finished. Well no blood actually, but there was some sweat and maybe a few tears. All's well that ends well, and this one is done!


To recap my previous blog posts, I purchased this table from a thrift store along with two chairs. The chairs were not originally part of the set, but they were painted in the same color scheme and were sold as a set at thrift store. I'm sure a couple of little girls used it as a craft or tea table at some point and I bet they really enjoyed it. I know I would have!

Kiel Furniture
This is an occasional table that was manufactured by Kiel Furniture. The Kiel Furniture Company was in business from 1907 - 1932, so I date the table somewhere in that time frame, but cannot get more specific than that other than to guess it was made closer to the 1930's. The company ceased operations under the Kiel name and is now operating under the name of A.A. Laun Furniture Company.

I had initially planned to paint over the existing paint, but the paint was starting to chip and peel badly, so it required removal of the existing paint before its makeover. Unfortunately, the paint was more difficult to remove than I ever imagined, especially on the spindles. But it's done now and I've put those days behind me. 


For the new look I chose a more grown-up and traditional color scheme of Arles and Graphite. I tried something new and applied the dark wax directly on the un-waxed Graphite paint then applied soft wax over the dark wax. I recently saw this technique on a project featured on Annie Sloan Unfolded and I thought this would be a good piece to try it on. I am pleased with the result. Next I applied soft wax to the Arles and then aged it ever so slightly.

Here's a visual recap of the before, during, and after:
Click HERE to read the blog post about how I removed the paint.
Here's a visual comparison of before and after applying the wax:

Un-waxed. The colors are vibrant but very flat.
After waxing.
Notice the colors are a little deeper and the finish is shinier.
I am undecided what to do with the table at this point. My initial plan was to refinish it and sell it, but with the amount of time involved in the refinishing, I'm not sure if I can price it correctly for the market and also make a profit. So I might put it in the booth and use it as a display table. While I'm thinking it over I will let the wax cure for a couple of weeks and then decide.

Overall the project was a LOT of work. But I love the finished look and am glad I was able to transform it. I'll end the blog post with a few more photos and I wish you all a wonderful day!
Arles and Graphite.
Close up of spindle painted in Arles.
Light distressing with hints of dark wax and glaze.
One more shot of the spindles.
Boy were they a challenge from start to finish!
This is one of my favorite color combinations!


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