Cottage Style Side Table

This was formerly an antique sewing table that I re-purposed into a side table. I love furniture pieces that are versatile and this piece fits the bill. It is desk height (30") so it works well as a side table next to a sofa or chair with higher arms. It could be used in a craft room for projects or as a small writing desk. Or on a sun porch. Or tucked in a nook . . . well you get the picture!


I date this piece to the early to mid-1920's. The patent dates are pre-1920's ranging from 1902 to 1916. It formerly housed a Westinghouse Free Sewing Machine. Apparently "free" didn't mean zero dollars, but rather the user would be free from using a treadle -- it did all the work for you! At first I thought it was missing a foot pedal; however, after further research I learned that this early model was controlled by pressing a knee against a lever on the cabinet. The sewing machine was serviced in the not-to-distant past, so I believe it is most likely operable. It was so charming I hated to remove the sewing machine, but I didn't think I could sell it as-is for any kind of profit, so out came the sewing machine. It also included all the attachments and a sweet little oil can which I will probably sell separately at a later date.

The Free Sewing Machine.

Patent dates ranging from 1902 - 1916
Little metal box to hold attachments.
Sweet little oil can!
The cabinet itself was what I believe was called the Priscilla style. The front opens and has two storage cubbies. It appears that it was in storage for a long time and there was a greasy substance that had penetrated the wood top. The hinges were wonky and I did try to repair them initially, but a full restoration project was unfortunately beyond my abilities. So with assistance from dandy-handy man the hinges were removed and we attached the top so it no longer opens.


The color scheme I chose for this piece is Versailles (a light green), Old White, and hints of Antoinette Pink. The pink initially played a larger role, but I just wasn't feeling it, so I played up the white instead. There are tiny hints of pink on the rosettes and inside the interior storage cubbies. It has medium distressing throughout to accentuate it's vintage cottage charm.

I left the lever on the cabinet. It swings forward and the user
would press a knee against it to run the machine.


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