The Special Vanity

This darling vanity is special and I can prove it. How you ask? Well because it stamped "special" on the back! Therefore I am calling it "The Special Vanity".

See? I told you it was special!


Needs a mirror.
The mirror was missing from the frame when I purchased it, so I had a local glass shop make a new one and it fits beautifully.

My initial plan was to paint the base and stain the wood top. However, there was an oily substance spilled at one time on the top, and despite my best efforts, I was unable to prep the wood surface so it would be suitable for staining.

So on to Plan B which was a somewhat bright and bold color scheme. But I ditched that plan at the last minute and settled on Old White and Paris Grey. Why? First, because I still have a lot of paint remaining in those colors, but most importantly because the color scheme is classic and I felt it would suit this piece the best. I know I'll find another piece for my bright and bold color scheme someday.


I am so pleased with the color scheme and final finish. It has medium distressing to give it a well loved and worn look. I also added just a hint of a crackle effect on small areas on the top. I can just picture the vanity in a farmhouse bedroom such as in Anne of Avonlea's room in Green Gables.

Can you picture this in a charming farmhouse bedroom?

The finish is as smooth as glass.

The drawer handles are painted in Paris Grey for color balance.

I love the details on the legs.

Four drawers offer plenty of storage.

The details to the side and bottom of the drawers is beautiful.

Close up of drawer handles.

The mirror pivots.

Medium distressing around the edges.

The crackle doesn't show up well in the photo.
 It is very subtle and if you click on the photo to enlarge it you can see it better.

I just love all the curves on this piece!

Inside of drawers. They're still a little dusty from sanding,
but I will clean them before taking it to the booth.


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