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My Easter basket. Better than candy!

I hit the thrift shops before I started cooking Easter dinner and found a few items. This is my kind of Easter basket! I was blessed to have all my children home for Easter and we also enjoyed the company of my son's girlfriend. It's so fun to be together with my family -- they are such nice people and boy do they make me laugh.

I've been looking for a carpet for the booth and found the one in the photo below. It's a little smaller than what I was hoping for, but I'm going to make it work. It's by Ralph Lauren so it's good quality and I really like the natural fibers and neutral color.
These are a few items that I took to the booth the day before Easter.
This is such a sweet table. Someone previously painted it along with the chairs. It wasn't originally a set as the design of the chairs doesn't match the table. But I bet a couple of little girls had a blast with the set at one time! Unfortunately, the paint is starting to peel and chip, so I will need to strip the paint. As I was cleaning the set it dawned on me that removing the paint from all the spindles is going to be a lot of work. Why didn't I think of that before I bought it?

Paint needs to be stripped first.
I love footstools as they come in so handy. This is not a vintage piece but it's sturdy and good quality from The Bombay Company. The finish is OK, but it's seen better days. I think I will paint it in a fun color -- maybe pink? 

A handy footstool.
I was super excited to find this vintage (antique?) full size spool bed. It is a Jenny Lind style, but I did not find a manufacturer's name. It includes the head/foot boards, rails, and wood slats. A complete set! Score! But once again, while I was cleaning and sanitizing it, I realized that painting all those spindles is going to be a lot of work. Good thing I love what I do! I haven't tried to sell any beds yet, and I'm not sure how it will do in the booth. But I do know that I need a super cute bed for my guest room, so this one I might just keep.

Rails with slots for the wood slats.
TJ was visiting for Easter and helped me inspect my treasures.

I just love the craftsmanship on vintage pieces.

Slats for holding the mattress. I will lightly sand and seal these.

After we finished eating Easter dinner I took some time to clean and sanitize all my purchases before bringing them into the house. I had just cleared a lot of furniture out of the house, but it's filling up quickly again! It was a busy weekend for sure and I am so thankful I got to spend it with my family.


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