Pretty in Pink Chest of Drawers

This thrift store dresser is now pretty in pink.

This chest of drawers is a French Provincial style piece manufactured under the Sears Bonnet label. Not too long ago I found a dresser of the same style and painted it white (you can see that project HERE). So my first inclination was to paint this white, too. But since I already sold the other dresser, I thought I would try a custom mixed pink instead.

Before photo of Sears Bonnet chest of drawers.

The finish on the legs was chipped here and there, but otherwise it was in good condition for its age.

The original finish was chipped and worn.

The knobs on the top drawer are original, but the handles on the bottom drawers were replaced at some point. The original finish from the 1970's had yellowed considerably over the years. I can see the outline of the original hardware which is a little whiter than the current finish.

Drawer pulls.

The laminated top held up well. I plan to use Chalk Paint (no surprise here!) which will adhere well to the smooth surface.

The smooth laminated top is no match for Chalk Paint.

There was a lot of residue left behind from stickers. I used a razor blade to scrape off the remaining adhesive.

Removing sticker residue with a razor blade.

One of the legs was very wobbly, but that was an easy fix. I simply used pliers to grasp the bolt underneath and tightened it. As the saying goes, "lefty-Lucy, righty-tighty".

Tightening furniture legs.

I mixed a custom pink color using Scandinavian Pink and Old White. When creating a custom color I first mix a small batch and write out the ratios of paint used.  It's important to not mix too much to avoid a large amount of left over paint. On the other hand, having enough is just as important. So I write down the color ratios in the event that I don't mix enough and need to mix more of the color.

Mixing a small test batch of custom pink.

The color changes slightly when it dries, so before mixing a full batch I tested the color on the frame of the chest. Once I was happy with the color I went ahead and mixed a larger batch.

Testing the custom color mix.

I knew I would use at least two coats and possibly three coats of paint. I mixed up a total of 8 ounces of my color for this project (I used 8 ounces of Old White and 8 cc's of Scandinavian Pink). It was enough to do two coats (I didn't need the third) with just a bit left over. I don't like to waste a drop of Chalk Paint, so I will use the left over paint for other small projects.

Mixing custom colors using Chalk Paint.

When painting over a laminated surface I first apply a very thin base coat which is almost translucent. It provides a subtle texture which gives the next full coat something to grip to. I mentioned in my last post, Styling a Vignette for Furniture Photography, that photographing a pink color can be tricky because the tone doesn't always come through in the photo. In the photo below it looks like a dull white to me, so I used some bright whites in my final staging photos to give it some contrast which brings out the pink color.

Apply a very thin base coat of Chalk Paint over laminate.


And here she is all pretty in pink! The color scheme for this piece is a one-color finish to keep it simple and elegant.

This chest of drawers is pretty painted in pink.

It's a soft and subtle pink. The white staging items add contrast which helps the pink show better in the photo.

A soft pink was created using Scandinavian Pink and Old White.

When I first saw this piece I thought it was a 5-drawer chest.

Chest of drawers painted in pink.

But the bottom drawer is actual double deep. Which is so convenient for storing bulkier items.

The bottom drawer is actually two drawers deep.

The knobs on the top drawer are original and just so pretty. I applied light distressing to the hardware on the drawers, but otherwise didn't distress the paint.

Original vintage drawer knob.

The previously chipped paint on the legs is no longer a problem. The Chalk Paint covered it beautifully.

Painted leg on chest of drawers.

The laminated top was no match for the Chalk Paint. If you're painting with a different type of paint then definitely use a good primer first.

Painted laminated furniture.

I mentioned earlier that my first coat adds a bit of texture. But don't worry, the final finish is smooth as can be, with just a subtle bit of texture. It could be sanded even smoother, but I love the look and feel of a hand painted finish. The paint was sealed with soft clear wax.

Smooth finish using Chalk Paint over laminate.

I wrote in an earlier post about pulling together items for staging. I had the lamp and the flowers in the vase but felt it needed something more. So I found a piece of scrap wood in my garage to make the "dream" sign.

Staging items used for Pretty in Pink Chest of Drawers.

I had a bit of Old White left over in an old can and it was just enough for a base coat over the wood.

Using every last drop of Chalk Paint!

I used some of the left over custom pink and a "dream" stencil, then added a border of Versailles around the sign. (I stenciled "love" on the other side of the sign.)

Hand made wood block sign using left over materials and paint.

This thrift store dresser was updated with Chalk Paint.

I do appreciate you stopping by The Black Sheep Shoppe today! Thanks for visiting and I hope we connect again soon.


  1. Turned out very nice Patricia,
    I like the look of paint with little bit of texture in it . Your custom color turned out nice as well. Never was a real fan of pink BUT .... I love the hot pink color for some reason. Maybe not on furniture though. lol
    Great Job... rock on..

    1. Thanks Greg! Funny but my husband isn't a fan of pink either, ha ha. But he did say this one turned out "OK". :)

  2. Really love the color! It is so soft and subtle...just georgeous! I don’t know that I’m sold on the entire piece being that color but then again I am, if you know what I mean. So what was the exact color called?

    1. Thank you McGypsy9. The pink is a custom mix of Scandinavian Pink and Old White (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint).


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