Repurposed Wood Scraps

Don't throw out your wood scraps. It's easy to repurpose the scraps into something special.

This is a super easy project that I did with leftover wood scraps from a previous project. All the products I used were items I already had on hand, but I'll include a supply list at the bottom of the post for your convenience in case you'd like to give it a try.

Repurposing wood scraps

First I used my mouse sander to smooth out the edges of the scrap wood. Next I applied a gel stain with a foam brush.

Applying gel stain with a foam brush

After applying the gel stain I used a shop towel to wipe away the excess. It was a bright sunny day so the stain dried very quickly in the sunshine -- about 30 minutes.

Wiping away excess stain with a shop towel

Next I used painters tape to anchor the stencil. Using a pouncing motion I applied the paint with a stencil brush. I used leftover Chalk Paint, but acrylic paint would work nicely, too. Alternatively, you could trace the letters and paint them in by hand. But I find it easier and faster to use the pounced paint technique.

Pounce paint over stencil

The stencils I used are a thick chipboard. I love them because they're not as flimsy as plastic. I spelled out the word "HOME" on one side. After it was dry I flipped it over and spelled out "LOVE".

Leave stencils in place until the paint is dry

The moment of truth comes when the stencil is removed. Luckily the letters turned out nice and crisp.

Remove stencil after paint is dry

Finally I sealed the paint and stain with a satin top coat.

Seal the paint and stain with top coat sealer

I don't have any formal staging photos, but here are the letters sitting on my fireplace mantel before I took them to the booth.

Block letters spell HOME

Reverse side of block letters spell LOVE


(Includes affiliate links)
Wood scraps
Mouse Sander
Gel stain & foam brush
Shop towel
Painters tape
Paint (I used leftover Chalk Paint, but acrylic will work, too).
Stencil brush
Top coat sealant

You're going to love how easy this project is! Turn your wood scraps into home decor.


  1. These are awesome, Patricia and love how simple they are to make! I bet they sell like hot cakes in your booth.


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