Behind the Scenes: Wood Signs for My Booth

Hand painted signs from scrap wood and leftover paint.

I spent the last couple of days making more signs from leftover wood. My theme (obvious from the photo) was "farmhouse" and "laundry". I need to transition into summer, so I also added a couple of "beach" signs.

I think I love making signs as much as I do painting furniture. It's fun to watch a plain piece of wood turn into something different.

The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed working outdoors. But the wind picked up a little bit, so I moved my project indoors so my stencils wouldn't blow away. My work table is a vintage piece that I fixed up to sell. I put it in the center of my kitchen temporarily until I could take it to the booth, but I've found it's rather useful for working on projects, so I am dragging my feet about taking it up to the booth. The two signs in the photo below are pieces of rough barn wood.

Signs made from barn wood.

The second farmhouse sign is rather large at 4 feet in length. Luckily my table expands, so I have still have lots of room to work.

Setting up an indoor work station for making signs.

Here's the sign above my fireplace which gives a better perspective of the size. I later took it outside to distress it a bit and then sealed the paint.

Farmhouse sign temporarily above fireplace.

I took the signs to the booth and found the space a bit empty due to some recent sales. Yeah for sales! Now I need to get busy and fill it up again with more furniture. Actually the table I've been using as my work station matches perfectly with the black china hutch. So maybe I need to sell it?

Lots of sales result in a sparse booth.

Thank you for stopping by The Black Sheep Shoppe today.


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