Behind the Scenes: Wood Signs for My Booth

These are a sample of the handmade wood signs that I made for my booth.

I spent the last couple of days making more signs from leftover wood. My theme was "farmhouse" and "laundry". I also added a couple of "beach" signs.

Making signs is an easy project to do indoors. If you would like more information on making wood signs, then please check out my blog post tutorial "DIY Holiday Barn Wood Signs". The tutorial will take you through the process step-by-step.

Signs made from barn wood.

One of my farmhouse signs is rather large at 4 feet in length. Luckily my table expands, so I have still have lots of room to work.

Setting up an indoor work station for making signs.

Hand painted signs from scrap wood and leftover paint.

Here's the sign above my fireplace which gives a better perspective of the size.

Farmhouse sign temporarily above fireplace.

Here's a couple of the signs hung on the walls of my booth.

Lots of sales result in a sparse booth.

Thank you for stopping by The Black Sheep Shoppe today.


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