My Nightstand: Dark and Gloomy No More.

Beautiful painted nightstand

Today I'm sharing with you the transformation of my nightstand. The rest of my bedroom furniture is a matching set, but I needed a small nightstand for my side of the bed. I purchased this one new well over 10 years ago as it was the right size and coordinated with the other furniture. Although I appreciated the functionality, in my mind it was always dark and gloomy.


Well everything doesn't have to be matchy-matchy. So when my husband was out of town recently I decided it was time to update the nightstand. That's what you get when you leave me unsupervised. If his trip was longer I probably would have painted the rest of the furniture.

Original nightstand before paint.

Are you familiar with a "factory finish" on furniture? Basically it's a super shiny smooth finish that was sprayed on over a stained or painted (also sprayed on) base coat. That is the finish my nightstand had. It doesn't look bad, but in my mind it doesn't have a lot of character or dimension.

Slick factory finish on nightstand

When using Chalk Paint over a slick surface such as this I start out with a very light base coat of paint. I don't concern myself with getting full coverage or an even finish.

Apply a light base coat of chalk paint over slick surfaces

Here it is with the first coat applied. I know it looks a horrible at this point, but trust me it gets better.

Light base coat applied.

Next I applied the second coat, using more paint than the first coat, and spread out the paint to get good coverage. Because there isn't much pigment to the white paint I went ahead and applied a light third coat. Most darker colors won't need a third coat of paint. I did a light sanding afterwards to smooth out the paint and added a little distressing.

Apply a full second coat of paint.


Ah so much better now!

Nightstand painted in Old White.

Nightstand transformed with Chalk Paint.

I switched out the drawer knob with an antique knob that my mom picked up at a fundraiser sale for a local historical society. I think it adds a touch of elegance to the piece. (Thanks Mom!)

Antique drawer knob.

Top of nightstand.

I recently purchased a few silk peony bouquets to sell in my booth. But I love them so much that I haven't been able to let go yet. They looked so pretty with my nightstand that I decided to keep some for myself.

Bouquet of peonies.

Here's the nightstand in my bedroom. I think it looks lovely. My husband came home from his trip and hasn't said a word about it. He probably hasn't noticed.

Freshly painted nightstand.

Below is a final look of the before and after followed by a supply list for the project. Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope today's post will give you some inspiration for a project you are working on.  In the meantime, please enter your email address in the subscribe section at the top of the page to receive alerts of new projects. Or follow along on my Facebook page.

It's easy to update your furniture style with Chalk Paint.

Supply List:

(Affiliate links:  I earn a few pennies. It doesn't cost you extra. You're awesome!)

I used original Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan for this project. If you use a different type of paint, you might need to use primer as your base coat.


  1. It was nice to start with but it looks super cute now.

  2. Shows what a can of paint can do to completely transform a piece of furniture. So pretty now!

    1. Thank you Marie! I really like it so much better now.

  3. This is totally, completely, without a doubt a gorgeous table

    1. Thank you! I love seeing it at night when I go to bed and again in the morning when I wake up.


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