Antique Chair: Aged Distressed Finish without Sanding

Chateau Grey chalk paint.

The project I am featuring today is an antique chair.


Before photo of antique chair

As you can see the chair was in somewhat poor condition. Luckily, the legs and back were sturdy, but one of the arms was broken in many places and the finish was in bad shape. There were some repairs done to the arm previously, but it was still a bit loose and wobbly. So I used a lot of wood glue to further patch and repair the arm so that it's sturdy once again.

Antique chair missing seat

I think the chair originally had a caned seat. I considered having it re-caned, but that can get expensive, so I purchased a fiberboard seat replacement and attached it with upholstery tacks. The seat was about $25 and was fairly quick and easy to attach. I pre-drilled the holes and then affixed the seat to the chair with upholstery tacks.


The color scheme is Chateau Grey, Old Ochre, and soft highlights in Antoinette.

Antique chair painted and new seat added.

I used a distressed finish to accentuate the old original finish. However, I did not do any sanding (wet or dry) to achieve the look. Instead I applied one very light coat of paint. After it was dry I applied a second light coat in various places to get the worn finish.

Chalk Paint colors Chateau Grey, Antoinette, and Old Ochre

I wasn't concerned about missing spots, so I applied the paint especially thin around the corners and edges of the chair.

Distressed worn finish achieved without sanding.

I used a small amount of dark wax to age the finish a little more.

Dark wax used to further age the finish.

I stained the fiberboard seat, sealed it, and then applied a dark glaze. I think the end result has a look of leather.

Fiberboard replacement seat attached with upholstery tacks.

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  1. It really does look like a leather seat! Love the muted and distressed color combinations. Another awesome furniture makeover, Patricia!

  2. I love this beautiful transformation of this fabulous chair. Thanks for sharing.


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