Vintage Mother's Day Table

I'm calling this sweet little table a Mother's Day table because my youngest daughter picked it up at a thrift store and gave it to me for Mother's Day. It was a bit forlorn and wobbly, but it's just so darn cute! I'm so happy she picked it out for me and it was the perfect gift!


My daughter knew I would love the style. It's made of wood and was painted a couple of times over the years. Unfortunately, the paint was chipping badly.

Before: Peeling paint.
It's actually a gate leg table and the top folds down for easy storage when not in use.

Gate leg table with fold down top.
Here's a view of underneath the table. The top is secured with hinges, so it's not completely secure. It was a bit wobbly so I clamped the legs after adding wood glue and that helped some. It still needs some tinkering to shore up the swinging legs once they're in place.

Photo showing how the legs swing.
I hand sanded off the peeling paint. I decided not to remove all the paint since the amount of time it would have taken wouldn't be cost effective for resale.

Work in progress!


I planned to apply a fair amount of distressing, so I needed to make sure my color scheme would work with the original remaining paint. I choose a color scheme of Versailles for the legs and Country Grey for the top (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint).
Legs are painted in Versailles and the top in Country Grey (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint).
The table is sturdy enough to hold bits and pieces without fear of it collapsing.

I plan to add some furniture pads under the swinging legs to add a touch more stability. It's never going to be sturdy enough to dance on, but it will get the job done as a lovely side table.

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