Former Atwater Kent Radio Cabinet

Once upon a time this was an Atwater Kent Radio Highboy Cabinet. But when I found it all that was left was the base. The radio, upper cabinet, and cross support bar were missing. Nevertheless, the remaining base was just so charming I couldn't pass it by.


Despite the missing cross support bar, the table itself was sturdy. However, it had extensive damage and a poor patch job to the sides of the top which most like resulted when the upper cabinet was removed. I decided to do my best to work with the damage and let it remain as part of its story.

Atwater Kent Radio


I lightly sanded the top and then painted it with a thin and random coat of Graphite followed by a light wash of Coco.

The base is painted in Aubusson Blue which I then heavily distressed. I sealed the entire piece with a soft clear wax and then applied a dark glaze to further add to the aged look.

I heavily distressed the base.
This shot shows some of the damage on the side and how I incorporated my design to work with the damage.
The existing damage on the side was incorporated into the design.
Now it's sturdy enough for everyday use and would work well as an entry table, side table, or nightstand.
On it's way to the booth
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