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Easy! How to Save a Wilting Bouquet

How to save a wilting bouquet of flowers and enjoy them longer.

My eldest daughter gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day.

The colors of the flowers are so beautiful and really made me feel special! But unfortunately some of the flowers are starting to wilt.

Oh dear the flowers are wilting!
Peach rose
Yellow Rose
Pink rose
Luckily it's very easy to extend the life of the flowers for a few more days of enjoyment! Simply cut off the wilted flower and pluck off any badly damaged petals.

Then place the flower in a glass or teacup. Any receptacle will do really, but for this project I decided to use a variety of glasses. But a set of matching glassware would also look lovely displayed together.

I placed the yellow rose in a brandy snifter.

I placed the red rose in a wine goblet.

Here's an aerial view of the red rose.

For the pink rose I added a couple drops of pink food coloring to a mason jar that I filled partially with water.

Then I floated the flower inside the mason jar.

 I added another flower to a white ceramic ring holder.

After I was happy with my new arrangements, I placed the arrangements throughout my house for an added touch of happiness in each room!

Use this trick to make your flowers last longer.


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