Vintage Chest of Drawers

You might remember this chest of drawers that I finished a few months ago. It was initially painted black when I first purchased it. I gave it a color scheme of Old White and Paris Grey and was pleased with the new more feminine look. Then disaster struck. (OK "disaster" is an overstatement used only for dramatic blogging purposes.)

Broken drawer pull!
(Replacement pull in the background.)
I was preparing to take the chest to my booth to offer it for sale when one of the drawers pulls snapped in two. A vintage drawer pull! I love to keep the original hardware whenever possible, and these were so beautiful! 

There are 8 pulls total, but the original pulls on the top 2 drawers are smaller than the rest. It would have been easier (and less expensive) if one of the smaller pulls broke, then I could have just found a complimentary pair for the top drawer only, but since it was one of the larger pulls that broke, my only option was to replace them all. I checked all the remaining pulls and they appear to be in tip-top shape, so I will save them for a future project.

Side-by-side comparison
It took me a while to find a suitable replacement. I searched online but it's difficult to judge the scale. And the ones I did fall in love with were way out of my price range. So I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and found some that, although they were the wrong color, were suitable for the scale of this piece. Unfortunately there were only 2 pulls left in stock. So I brought them home for a trial run, and then ordered the remaining pulls online.

The new pulls were a bright white, so I painted them in Paris Grey to complement my color scheme. Although they aren't original, I think they work nicely with the design. The new pulls are not as delicate as the originals, but they still have a feminine touch. They are sturdier than the originals and actually make it easier to open and close the drawers. All's well that ends well!

The new pulls were bright white, so I painted them Paris Grey.
The back plate behind the knob give it a little added flair.
The new hardware was lightly distressed for added dimension.
The scale of the new hardware fits the overall design.
I considered the overall design of the chest
when selecting the new hardware.
One more photo.
Ok, one more photo, just because!
I was at the Lebanon Peddler's Mall yesterday afternoon measuring and planning rearrangement of inventory to fit the chest into the booth. Sometimes it's a little tricky because the booth is only 8' x 10' and I want to have a good amount of inventory without overcrowding. I hope to have it available for sale in the next couple of weeks.


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