Fun Little Table

My daughter spotted this table on the curb and thankfully thought of me! She actually gave it to me last year and I started to work on it. But as the project progressed I decided that my initial design idea just didn't fit the piece, so I stopped mid-project and tucked it away in my basement.

I decided to pull it out and do something with it while I am (impatiently) waiting for some supplies I need in order to finish my desk project. 

Once again I was stumped as to what to do with it. Neither vintage nor rustic seemed to work on the straight edge lines. There is always a modern finish but I wasn't feeling that either. Then it hit me to go with "fun". 

Lots of ideas flowed from that thought (checker board, stencil, graphics, etc.), but I needed to keep it quick and simple as it's not a big dollar item. So I painted the base in pink and added white to the table top. I added fun little dots, sealed with varnish, and then called it a day. The new finish is definitely fun and would work well as a night table or in a play room.


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