Shabby Chic Coffee Table with a Painted Leather Top

I found this sweet coffee table at a thrift store and snatched it up. It has clean lines with just a hint of curves on the ends to give it a bit of elegance. And it's lightweight making it a perfect choice as I've been lifting some heavy furniture lately and was glad of a break from that!


Initially I thought it might be circa 1940's.  But after closer inspection, and using my precise dating technique, I've determined it is from the 1960's. I'll go out on a limb and say the early 1960's. November 28, 1961 to be precise. By now I am sure you are amazed and astounded by my skills. And so you should be unless I were to tell you the date was written on the underside of the drawer. Buy hey, it took some skill to find it, right? My initial guess was only a couple of decades off, so I'd say that was pretty darn close.

It took a keen eye to spot the date
 written on the underside of the drawer.
The wood finish was worn and the leather top was damaged with indentations. I was planning to go for a shabby chic look, so I wasn't too concerned that it need to be perfect, but there were ring marks indented into the leather and I didn't want those to show through. So I used a small amount of wood filler to fill in some areas of the leather. The leather itself is not completely smooth, so I decided to work with it and give it a worn finish.
Worn wood finish.

Ring indentations on leather.

Indentations filled in with wood filler.
The leather is not completely smooth,
so I decided to work with the texture in the final finish.


I decided on a neutral color scheme and painted the entire table, including the leather, in Old Ochre (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint). The hardware is painted in Chateau Grey for a hint of contrast. I sanded back the paint on both the leather and wood to give it a worn finish and further sanded the edges for additional detailing. I applied soft clear wax and buffed it for durability and a smooth finish.

The final finish has the shabby look, but it is as smooth as butter and clean and fresh, too! It might not work in a formal living room, but it would work wonderfully in a family room.

Old Ochre and Chateau Grey
View of top.
Sanded for a worn finish.
Edges sanded to accentuate the details.
The curves on the ends gives the table a touch of elegance.
Close up of hardware.
I love the little wheels!
Side view.

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