French Country Container - Micro Project #3

I found this container in a thrift shop and fell in love with it. Granted it didn't look too good as-is, and my husband had That Look (read: "you are buying this why?"), but it was just so cute! And I knew it would make another wonderful micro-project for October.


First I cleaned the entire piece. Next I spray painted it to give it a good base coat to work on. I left just a few tiny hints of the former green peaking through. Then it was ready for more paint. I used 2 quick coats of ASCP Louis Blue, lightly distressed it around the details, and then applied dark wax.

After: Painted with graphic applied.
For the finishing touch I used a decoupage technique and added a combination of two graphics from The Graphics Fairy (love her website!) to give it a French Country feel. The finished piece has a lovely contrasting combination of both smoothness and texture.

This is such a versatile container that I couldn't decide just where to photograph it. So I took a few shots of it hanging on a hook, wall, and a door knob. It has a flat bottom so it is suitable for standing on its own as well. It will be available for sale soon once I have a chance to take it to the booth.

Hanging on a hook.

Hanging on the wall.

Hanging on a door knob.

Standing on a shelf.


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