Beehive Box - Micro Project #2

The Beehive Clothing House

I've named today's micro project "Beehive Box". The box is a thrift store find which I painted to give it a more rustic farmhouse style. Application of dark wax gives some added dimension to the color without the use of distressing.

I documented this project throughout with photographs and posted it into two tutorials:

Part 1: Paint and Wax Tutorial
Part 2: Graphic Transfer Tutorial

In any event, I used the free Vintage Bee Hive graphic from The Graphics Fairy's website, printed it as a mirror image (she has it available already as a reverse image but I overlooked that initially), and transferred it with mod podge. I also used a graphic of a bee (also from The Graphics Fairy), reduced it, copied it, and added it as an embellishment to the larger graphic. If you look closely you can see 3 tiny bees buzzing to and fro.

The box has a hole making it suitable for hanging on a wall, or it looks great sitting on a shelf or mantle. It's perfect for storing mail, cards, or you could add a display for decoration. The box will be available for sale within the next week once I have a chance to stop by my booth.




One more "after" shot. This one includes my little friend the rocking horse ornament. I needle felted it last winter. Now that the weather is getting cooler it's time to start working on wool crafts again.


  1. I love your Beehive Box project!

  2. Thank you! It was a fun project to work on.


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