Vintage Bookcase - SOLD

I'm not sure of the age of this lovely vintage bookcase, but my guess is the 1940s or 1950s. If someone can pinpoint the era better then please leave a comment. It offers plenty of storage with carved-out details on the side for added interest. It was professionally painted in Primer Red with black accents and includes subtle distressing on the edges, hand waxed, and buffed for a beautiful smooth finish. The top of the piece was left in its original finish. It measures 22" wide x 47" high x 11" deep. 

One of the back legs is missing a decorative piece, but it does not impact the structure and I don't think it is noticeable when it's placed against a wall.

Front foot

Back foot missing one of the decorative pieces. It isn't noticeable when it is placed against a wall.
The other front foot

I just love this little guy :-)

Side detail

Close up of shelf

Close up of carved-out design on sides

Close up of shelf

Close up of side details

Remember - Today it's a bargain; tomorrow it's gone. BUY TODAY!

Available at ROW 5 BOOTH #139, Lebanon Peddlers Mall (about 10 minutes from Kings Island). 

Lebanon Peddler's Mall, 920 Columbus Avenue, Lebanon Ohio
Monday-Saturday 10:00 am- 8:00 pm
Sundays 12:00 pm- 6:00 pm


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