Four Seasons Folk Art (SOLD)

I love, love, love these prints! This is set of 4 framed prints by the talented folk artist Dianna Swartz. They look stunning hung together or separately to mark the changing of the seasons.

I picked them up from the Berea Historical Society fundraising sale. The prints are in excellent condition, but the frames were a little funky. I'm not sure what the purpose was, but there were holes drilled into the frames all the way through to the front of each frame. Perhaps they were used to screw the prints to a wall at some point in time. I had these in the booth and in my opinion the price was marked low at $30 for the entire set. I thought for sure someone would snatch them up, but they didn't sell, so I decided to bring them home and do some work on the frames.

R & R - Repaired and Refurbished

I filled the holes in each frame and painted all the frames black for a unified look. That looked good, but I thought it was flat, so decided to add more dimension by dry brushing multiple layers using graphite black and primer red. As I was working on the frames and later taking photos, they started to tug at my heart strings, and I fell in love with them all over again!

Before: Holes were drilled all the way through the front of the frame.

During: The holes were filled and then I added multiple layers of Graphite Black and Primer Red using a dry brush technique.

The finished product.

Should they stay or should they go?

Did I mention I love these prints? OK so I let them go once, but now that they are back I'm thinking they will look great in MY house! But I'm not in the business of furnishing my house, so back to the booth they will go. And if they don't sell, well then they will just have to come back home again! I am undecided about pricing though. Retail/new they sell for about $50 each. And I saw a listing on ebay recently for a set that sold for about $160. I could auction them on ebay but frankly don't want the hassle of packaging and shipping. Again, I'm surprised my set didn't sell previously at the bargain price of $30 for the set. This time the price will be higher to cover the cost of refurbishing. I'll think over the asking price, and if they don't sell I will happily bring them home. Update: I took the prints to the booth today (9/24/2014) but I hid them in the back; I think they will look great in my house. I would buy them, but we'll have to see if the right buyer comes along.

Please don't sell, please don't sell, please don't sell. . .


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