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Rustic Worn Chair Gets a Rustic Worn Finish

Graphite chalk paint on chair.

I picked up this chair at a local thrift store a few months ago. I wasn't in the market for a chair, but it was solid wood and sturdy. Not to mention the price was 50% off, so I got it for only a few bucks.

Wood chair before

I was sure I could use it for something, but wasn't sure what direction to go with the project. The finish was in poor condition.

Damaged finish on wood chair

If it had been a pair or set of chairs I would have most likely given this a newer looking finish. But as it was I decided to play up the imperfections of the finish. A small and inexpensive project like this is also a good way to practice new techniques and get creative.

Rustic painted chair

I choose Graphite and Old White for my color scheme along with a light coat of dark wax.

Side view rustic chair

Next, I used a flexible sanding pad to wear away the black paint.

Worn black finish on wood chair

I know some people prefer a newer finish, but I just love the way the wood peeks through the paint.

Distressed black finish on wood chair

Here's a closer look at the chair slats. I love how the paint plays up the crackled varnish underneath.

Distressed crackle finish

I gave the seat a heavily worn finish. This style works well in a casual space.

Top view of painted chair seat

The faded and worn painted finish reminds me of a favorite pair of jeans. So comfy and cozy!

Distressed painted white chair seat

An extreme close up of the seat. Crackled. Distressed. Worn. Aged.

Distressed crackled finish on chair seat

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  1. Another gorgeous black makeover! Black paint gives such a beautiful rich finish. Love it! Pinned


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