Sneak Peek of Secretary Desk

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Today's post is a sneak peek of the secretary desk that I painted. I need to move the finished desk to another room where I have more space to take the photos of the entire piece.

Update: I posted the final photos of this project which you can see here.

Before: unpainted secretary desk
Before: Vintage secretary desk.

In the meantime, here are some casual shots of my new work space.

Laptop tucked away:

Laptop tucked away inside of desk.
Laptop tucked away inside of desk.

Laptop opened & ready for work:

Laptop opened and ready for work.
Laptop opened and ready for work.

The upper portion of the desk has shelves with glass cabinet doors. I'm using this area to store some of my staging items.

Shelves store staging items.
Shelves store staging items.
I'll post more photos of the painted secretary desk soon.

EDITED: You can see the final photos here.


  1. Beautiful. I am in the market for a secretary for my laptop too, but have found that when you open the drop down shelf I guess you call it... that there are drawers and mail slots etc that get in the way of the laptop being shut up in the cabinet. Did you have to remove those or did you happen to find a secretary didn't have those? Beautiful job. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Christy. The mail slots / drawers on my desk were attached to the back panel. I removed the back panel and then was able to dislodge the mail slots. Then I reattached the back panel.


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