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Embracing the Imperfections in Vintage Furniture: Vintage Red Dresser

Emperor's Silk and Country Grey chalk paint.

This was such a beautiful dresser to start with, but its finish has suffered some wear and tear over the years.


Damaged top
 I love the "flat tire" look of the original wheel. :-)

Scratches on drawer fronts

Loose knobs
Missing drawer catches.


I made some necessary repairs to the scratched finish, and patched missing the missing veneer, added drawer catches, and put in a fix for the loose knobs. But otherwise I decided to embrace the imperfections and worked it into my final design.

Painted vintage farmhouse dresser

Side view of vintage farmhouse dresser

Vintage dresser painted with Emperor's Silk and Country Grey

Emperor's Silk and Country Grey

Decorative apron piece on top of dresser

I painted some washers to coordinate with the original knobs and secured them to the drawers to keep the knobs in place. It's not too obvious when looking at it straight on.

Drawer front and vintage knob on dresser

Here's a better view of the washer behind the knob. Hopefully I got the patina close to the original patina on the knob. The pip berries and rusty stars were the inspiration for my design.

Pip berries and rusty stars were inspiration for the design

Remember I said I embraced the imperfections? I think this photo gives you a good idea of what I meant by that. The veneer was warped and loose. I secured it with wood glue so it's no longer loose, but it still has the wavy texture.

Imperfections were carefully worked into the design

I sanded the inside of the drawers and reconditioned the wood.

Drawer interiors of vintage dresser

I think my favorite part of the dresser are the legs. I did buy replacement wood casters, but I love the wear and tear on the originals, so I haven't decided whether to replace them or not. They're not very functional as-is, so I'll think it over before I list the dresser for sale.

Vintage dresser painted in Emperor's Silk and Country Grey chalk paint.

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  1. Keep the original Casters! They really add to the vintage look and charm of the dresser. Besides who really rolls their furniture around?

  2. It is so beautiful, you did an inspiring job!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love the timeworn patina you gave this dresser, Patricia! The colors are lovely too. Really nice job on this one. Pinned

    1. Thanks so much Marie! I think this dresser is one of my favorites so far. I haven't listed it for sale yet although I need to soon. I was sort of hoping to keep it for myself!

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