Rustic Footstool in Napoleonic Blue

Rustic footstool before

While I was on my way to the cash register at a thrift store, I spotted this little footstool and scooped it up to add to my purchases. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story . . .


Don't worry about a yucky finish


Apply one coat of Napoleonic blue chalk paint

One coat of Napoleonic blue chalk paint drying

Sand and distress the paint for a rustic finish

Wipe on clear wax with a lint free cloth

Brush on java glaze with a foam brush

Wipe off excess glaze with a shop towel


Rustic footstool painted in Napoleonic blue chalk paint

Java glaze tones down the Napoleonic blue

Rustic footstool before and after

I hope you enjoyed the photo-story of today's project! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Supply List

Below are the supplies I used for this project. Some links are affiliate links which  mean I earn a (really) small commission (ha ha) if you make a purchase. It doesn't cost you extra, but it helps support the time and effort of maintaining the blog. Thank you for your support and understanding!
  • Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue and Soft Clear Wax. Click on the link to find where you can by her products from local stockists. Some stockists also ship via online orders.
  • Angled paint brush great for getting into the tight corners and controlling the amount of paint used.
  • 220-grit sand paper
  • Tack cloths for quick removal of sanding dust!
  • Lint free shop rags (for removing excess wax). These can also be used to buff the wax.
  • Decorative Glaze (For this project I used the Rustoleum brand that I found at Home Depot, but I also use General Finishes brand. Either one should give you awesome results.) The Java glaze tones down the brightness of the blue.
  • Disposable foam brushes
  • Shop towels (for removing excess glaze)


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