Queen Anne Style Buffet

Antique Queen Anne Style Buffet Sideboard

I picked up this antique buffet at an auction. It's a very lovely piece and is constructed of solid wood, but it sustained quite a bit of damage over the years. The most significant damage was to the applique and trim pieces. And unfortunately exact replacements are not available. So a little creativity was in order to put this piece back together again.


Actually none of the applique pieces had escaped damage, and each had a broken pieces or were missing entirely.

Broken and missing appliques
Broken and missing appliques

So the first order of business was to secure the remaining loose appliques with wood glue and clamped it until the glue was dry.

Clamp until the glue is dry
Clamp until the glue is dry

Next I filled a pastry bag with wood filler and piped a design into the missing areas. Once the wood filler was dry I sanded it to blend into the existing piece and then stained it.

Use a pastry bag and wood filler to repair missing trim.
Use a pastry bag and wood filler to repair missing trim.
I sanded the top of the buffet to remove the existing damage and then stained it with Antique Walnut. I sealed the stain with two coats of top coat. While the stain was drying, I decided to tackle the interior of the drawers.

The cutlery drawer was the most time consuming to work on. It was lined in the original felt which had worn away over the years. Nevertheless, the adhesive sure held up well, but after a bit of a struggle I was able to remove it. I used a metal scraper to scrape away any remaining adhesive. Afterward I stained the drawer bottoms in walnut.

Original drawer liner removed
Original drawer liner removed


Buffet painted in Old Ochre.

The reconstruction of the broken appliques and trim are not exact replicas, but I they aren't noticeable for the most part.

Decorative detail on buffet.

Repaired applique.

Broken trim piece filled in with wood filler.

The broken applique on bottom of buffet was repaired.

The old felt liner was removed and I stained the drawer in walnut.

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