Black Chair Painted Black: Not a Dramatic Change But it's Dramatically Different!

I've been searching for a wood chair to pair with a writing desk that I have in my booth. My camera started malfunctioning during this project, so I apologize for the poor photo quality.


I found this chair on a recent trip to the local Restore. It was wobbly, but that was an easy fix by simply tightening the screws underneath. I did want a black chair, but this one had a shiny finish that was uneven and it wasn't exactly what I had in mind. So I decided to give it a classic matte finish using chalk paint.

Black spray paint was uneven.
Before: Uneven spray painted finish.

During (my camera started to die at this point)

There were some nicks, scratches and gouges on the seat.
Scratched and nicked finish.
Before: Scratched and nicked finish.

I applied Plastic Wood to the most severe areas. Less severe scratches I left as-is.

Scratches repaired
Repairs were made with plastic wood.

First I turned the chair upside down to paint the underside of the chair including the cross supports.

Turn chair upside down to paint.
Turn the chair upside down to begin painting.

After the paint is dry I turn the chair right side up and paint the rest. I use a small brush to paint the tight areas and use a larger brush on the rest.

Paint with a small brush
Use a small brush for the tight spaces.


The new coat of black paint has a matte finish which I think gives it a more classic look. (I used the camera on my phone for the after photos.)

Black chair with matte finish.
After: A matte finish gives the wood chair a classic look

Brush strokes
Don't be afraid of brushstrokes.
I sealed the chair with soft clear wax.

Seal with soft clear wax
Sealed with soft clear wax.

Once again, not a dramatic change, but trust me it is dramatically different!

Chair before and after shiny to matte finish
Before and After


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