Vintage Rocking Chair with Damaged Finish Gets a New Look

Rocking chair painted black

I was in a thrift store to pick up another item, and spotted this rocking chair on my way out. No way was I leaving it behind! I definitely have an affinity for rocking chairs!


I'm not sure when the chair was manufactured, but I'll call it vintage. It has an American Colonial style.
American Colonial Style Rocking Chair Before
The chair itself is sturdy, but there was damage to the finish.

Damaged finish
Damage to the finish.
I could not locate the name of the manufacturer, but there is a sticker affixed underneath the seat that reads, "Wayside Inn". I did a Google search for Wayside Inn, but I couldn't pinpoint any further information. The font style and graphic reminds me of something reminiscent of the 1950's, but I cannot say for sure when this chair was made. If anyone has any information on the Wayside Inn label I sure would love to hear from you!

Wayside Inn label
The label underneath the chair seat reads, "Wayside Inn".


I painted the chair in two coats of Graphite and applied a coat of black wax (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint).

Rocking chair painted in Graphite chalk paint
Vintage rocking chair painted in Graphite and black wax.
I sanded the paint to give it a smooth finish.

Chalk paint sanded for smooth finish
Sanded for a smooth finish.
I continued to gently sand back the paint in specific areas to give it a worn finish.

Sand for worn distressed finish
A worn finish compliments the vintage rocking chair.

Many times I will paint the underneath of a chair, but in this case I did not in order to preserve the Wayside Inn label.

Preserved label

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