Modern Sofa Table Transformed with Chalk Paint

Sofa table painted with chalk paint

This sofa table is one of my favorite transformations! Actually whichever project I'm currently working on tends to be my favorite, but this is definitely in the top ten.

It's a modern-day manufactured table. It was manufactured with some sort of wood composite materials and had a shiny factory finish. The construction is solid and it's not a bad looking piece. I gravitate towards vintage pieces, but the modern-day furniture works well for painting, too. Many times it's a little lighter and easier to move around than solid wood furniture.

Before modern sofa table
Before: Sofa Table

Unfortunately the top had some gouges and scratches.

Scratched finish on table
The finish was scratched.

If it was solid wood it might have been a candidate for refinishing, but such was not the case.

Damaged finish table surface
Long scratch across the top of the table.

I used my orbital sander to smooth out the scratches and gouges. Since the finish was smooth and shiny, I lightly sanded the remainder of the piece with 220-grit sandpaper to give a little roughness for the paint to cling to. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and painted the base with two coats of Old Ochre which is a lovely neutral color.

Painting sofa table
Painting in progress!

The next photo illustrates the importance of using a drop cloth! It was 90+ degrees the day I painted the table. The palm of my hand holding the can of paint must have gotten too sweaty, and the next thing I knew the can slid right out of my hand.  Luckily it hit the drop cloth and didn't splatter onto the already painted base!
Spilled paint on drop cloth
Oops! Always use a drop cloth!

The top was painted in two coats of Coco which compliments the Old Ochre beautifully. I sealed the table with soft clear wax. I applied a second coat of wax the following day to the top for extra durability.

Table top painted in Coco chalk paint
Top painted in Coco.

I applied light distressing around the edges of the drawers.
Light distressing
Light distressing around the drawers.

I didn't distress the diamond shapes as I wanted them to be subtle accents and not take center stage.

Distressing adds emphasis
Diamond shapes are subtle accents.

The "after" has a much more calm and serene color scheme. The table will work great as a sofa table or in an entryway and includes two drawers which are perfect for storage.

Before After sofa table

I have a few more projects that are currently in progress or finished, but I still need to take some photos: another rocking chair (I can't get enough of those), a day bed, an executive desk, a 1940's chifferobe, and an antique buffet/sideboard that I just picked up today.

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