Modern French Floral Print Goes from Damaged to Vintage

Modern decor with a twist! 
Today I'm sharing another project of modern decor with a twist. If you like vintage, weathered, aged, or shabby chic items then you know it's sometimes hard to find the right piece for the right price. But thrift stores are overflowing with modern pieces that you can easily transform to get the look you want.


This floral print is affixed to a composite wood frame. The border on the edges is a printed faux wood frame. It's a charming print, but if you look closer you'll see that it is scratched and torn. It cost me a whopping $3 and the cashier at the thrift store told me I paid too much!

But I don't always let a bit of damage deter me. It's important to view the potential in a project.

Here's another look at the damage near the top. The border is scratched and there are gouge marks below it.

Using 220 grit sandpaper I gently rubbed over the entire print to soften and fade the print.

I brushed away the sanding debris and now the printed areas have a worn look.

To further blend in the scratched and torn areas, I first used a slightly damp wash cloth to remove the remaining sanding dust. While the area still had some moisture to it (not wet, just a touch of moisture) I used a sanding sponge that had left over sanding dust from a previous project (probably black and grey). I rubbed the sponge gently over the print and the dust clung to the rough areas.

For the printed border, I painted it in Old Ochre and then added some spots of Coco.

I sanded the border to give it a distressed look. I sealed the entire project with a light coat of clear wax.

And here's a close up of the after.

I think the "after" will work nicely in room with a French Country or shabby chic decor. Thanks for stopping by!


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