1940's Vanity in Scandinavian Pink

Vintage 1940s vanity painted in Scandinavian Pink

This vanity was given to me as a gift for my birthday. Really I'm just so easy to shop for! Simply go to a thrift store and find some old furniture and then check me off your list, ha ha. The bird cage under the vanity is a tealight candle holder and was a gift, too.

The vanity is circa 1940's, give or take a few years. It was manufactured by the Globe-Bosse-World Furniture Corporation in Evansville, Indiana. According to the Vanderburgh County Historical Society's website, the company was formed as a merger of three major companies in 1910 and was later destroyed by a fire in 1946. The majority of their operations ended following the fire, although a limited amount of furniture was manufactured until the early 1960's.

Unfortunately, the vanity was missing the mirror. However, a separate mirror could be hung on a wall as a substitute. Otherwise, I think it would make a great desk or a craft table.


Globe - Bosse - World Furniture Corporation label.

What I love about this vanity is it sits on eight wood wheels which makes it so much easier to move around! A photo of the vanity upside down is the best picture I have of the wheels.

There wasn't a cloud in the sky when I started painting, but a lone cloud decided to let loose a downpour over my house. Luckily I was able to get the furniture under cover just before the rain started.

I decided to go with something a little more bold this time, so I choose a color scheme of Scandinavian Pink and Old Ochre with French Linen on the top.

I initially painted the top Old Ochre, but it looked a little too sweet, so I switched it to French Linen.

I applied heavy distressing throughout to give it a bit of an edgier look and avoid being too sweet.

There are notches underneath each drawer for opening/closing. However, I thought it needed just a little bit of bling, so I added knobs to each of the drawers.

The vanity sits on a total of eight wooden wheels which are just so adorable!

The drawers are well built with dovetail joinery.

I'll be on the lookout for a chair and possibly a mirror to pair with this vanity. I actually spotted a couple of mirrors at an upcoming auction that might work well with this vanity. Hopefully I can get one of them for a reasonable price. Wish me luck!


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