Cedar Chest

You just can't go wrong purchasing a cedar chest as it's a very versatile piece of furniture. Use it for extra seating, storage, or as a coffee table. I was happy to pick this one up as a project.

Before / During

Structurally the cedar chest was in great shape. At one time it had a lock and key, but the locking mechanism was removed.

The finish was in poor condition. There were minor surface scratches throughout, but there were also lots of gouges and dings, especially on the top.

I hand sanded the top and and smoothed out some of the dings and gouges. My plan was to keep the vintage character, so I didn't want to sand it completely smooth.

I first painted it white and then taped off before applying the secondary color.


The color scheme is Old White and Paris Grey.

I applied a little heavier distressing to the legs where it naturally gets more wear.

No work was required for the interior except for a good cleaning.

I especially like the storage tray as it provides another layer of organization for storage. The tray slides from left to right and is also removable.

One last photo of the interior without the tray. . .

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