Painted Picture Frames

I bought these gorgeous framed prints a while back. One print is of red orchids and the other is red calla lilies. The frames are wood with lovely carved details. The only problem is the pair has been languishing in my booth.

I initially staged the prints with a table, but the table sold a number of months ago. These have been hanging there, somewhat out of place, ever since.

I loved both the prints and frames, but I decided to lighten the frames in order to let the red in the prints make a bolder statement.

Prints with dark frames

I painted the frames in Cream (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint) and then used a wet distressing method to reveal the raised areas on the frames. I sealed the frames with soft clear wax and then applied a hints of dark wax to further enhance the details.

Red Calla Lilies by Jo Moulton.
Frame painted in Cream.
The cream color ties in nicely with the cream in the background of the print.

Red Orchids by Jo Moulton.
Frame painted in Cream.
Here's a close up of the frame.

I'll take these back to the booth this weekend, but I'm not-so-secretly hoping the prints don't sell so I can keep them for myself, ha ha. 


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