New Projects: China Cabinet, Table, and Desk

I've been out shopping at every opportunity looking for new inventory. Some trips were more successful than others. Three of my favorite finds were a china cabinet, mid-century table, and a 1960's desk.

Antique China Cabinet

This antique 1920's china cabinet is one of my favorite purchases. I probably paid too much, but I just fell in love with it. I've been stalking it for a few weeks and finally decided to go ahead and buy it.

The finish isn't in great condition, but it's sturdy, so I will paint it.

The back is marked "French walnut".

The door is hung so it's perfectly balanced and stays shut on it's own. There isn't a latch; instead there is a lock. Guess what? No key! But no worries -- one of my skeleton keys was a perfect fit. Happy dance!

Mid Century Table

This table is circa 1948 and is made of solid birch wood. I've started working on it already and initially planned for it to be a quick project. But I was talked into sanding the paint off the top and that has turned out to be harder and more time consuming than I bargained for. Hopefully it turns out OK in the end.

There were no leaves included with the table, but the sides open up which gives a lot of space for dining.

The wood on the base doesn't have the original finish. It looks like some kind of varnish or stain was brushed on.

Underneath has "Whitney Birch" stamped on it which gave a clue for dating the actual piece.

Twin Pedestal Desk

I really want a twin pedestal desk for my office. So I buy them whenever I can, but then I end up selling them. This desk is in fairly good shape except for the top. The finish is in poor condition and it has some deep scratches and missing veneer. But I'm pretty sure I can fix it up and give it a second chance.

This would make a good desk for an office, but also for a craft/sewing table. Which is why I want it.

Love, love, love the rope trim!

The finish is in really bad shape.

But how sweet -- it has the remnants of a Spirograph design! Can you see it in the photo below?

Stay tuned for the makeovers and the final reveals. I've been fortunate to have a good run of weather and hope my luck holds out so I can get these projects finished.


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