Vintage Chair with a Rope Seat Support

This darling vintage chair was on my project for almost a year. But I was determined to get it refinished before the year mark, and finish it I did. It feels great to get another project off my list!


There were two main challenges for me on this project.  The first was the cushion wasn't original to the chair, so I needed to figure out just how to make the right replacement. The second challenge was the seat support itself was strung with rope and needed to be replaced. I haven't worked on that kind of seat support before, hence the procrastination.

The top layer was a needlepoint fabric attached with upholstery tacks.

Underneath the first layer was a vintage fabric sewn onto a pillow and nailed into place.

The foam fabric was the final layer and it was so old it disintegrated when I pulled it off.

That gets us down to the seat support itself. As I mentioned it was strung with rope and the rope was broken in places, so it needed to be replaced.

I purchased some heavy duty jute string. I taped off the end of the string so it would be easier to thread through the holes, and then started weaving it back and forth.

I tried to leave a little "give" to the string so it wasn't too tight and would have a little give to it. My end result wasn't as precise as the original, but it's very sturdy.


I didn't initially plan to paint this chair, but at the last minute I decided to go ahead and paint it in Old Ochre so it would have a neutral finish. I cut a template of the seat and then added a new pad, batting, and fabric. I attached the new seat cushion with a staple gun, and then adhered a trim of jute string with a heat gun to cover the staples.


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